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Facilities at Niyati Hospital

Niyati Hospital provides state of the art facilities to its patients in healthcare.

While we have two separate Operation Theaters for aseptic precautions, we also have ventilators in case of an emergency. All rooms are equipped with central oxygen line.

Hence Niyati Hospital believes in treating patient complication-free during their respective stay.


Our Operation Theatres are well Equipped with the surgical machinery facilities and contain post Operation recovery rooms as well.

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Post up recovery Room

Our Post Operative Recovery unit is at the immediate near to the Operation theaters. Here the patients are taken post operation to for every immediate medical service.

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Standby Ventilators

Our Hospital gives Standby Ventilator facility for the patients trouble breathing without assistance.

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Anesthesia Department

Anesthesia department comes under our Anesthesiology functions, where we have all the modern medical utilities and monitoring facilities.

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Central Oxygen Supply

We utilize oxygen supply systems for the needy patients whenever there is the requirement for medical gas supply.

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Pharmacy by Niyati Hospital has the collection of all the medicines prescribed by our Surgeons. You can directly take your medicines from our Pharmacy.

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Blood Collection Center

We are having an in-house Blood collection center where the Blood collected by the people is reserved for any emergency use.

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Dental Services

Niyati Hospital Surgeons give you painless dental facilities including exclusive LASER treatment, Teeth implantation, Biopsy & Tooth Cleaning.

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Hearing Aid Center

Our Hearing Aid center provides tailor-made ear facilities for our patients, along with after sale services according to the requirements.

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Immunotherapy center

We offer sublingual (mouth-dissolving) immunotherapy to the patients with high-allergies after diagnosing the specific allergens.

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