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At the Niyati Hospital, an exclusive ENT centre providing the best ENT service, where our top-notch Sinus Doctor in Ahmedabad, is committed to finding the best treatment approach for each patient, maximizing the benefits of surgery to return to normal. Our surgeons’ team Dr Naitik Shah & Dr Ajay Shah, are at the forefront of super-specialty treatment in the field of nose and sinuses, whether the treatment is surgical or non-surgical, using the best techniques and helping patients return to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Conditions and Treatments

What Is Sinusitis and Why Sinus Surgery Is Performed?

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the nose and sinuses that can be exacerbated by a cold or allergy and can resolve independently or with medicines.

In certain conditions, it is suggested for the sinus surgery to help alleviate symptoms. The most common include sinusitis which results in pressure on the nose, eyes, and forehead, and cause nasal blockage, runny nose, headache, throat irritation or coughing and many more.

Another common reason for surgery is a nasal polyp. Enlarged polyps or clusters of polyps are causing swelling of the nasal lining inside the nose, where a person can experience a reduced sense of smell. These conditions can affect both adults and children where they have difficulty breathing through the nose along with other sinus related issues. Also, many people have recurrent cough & cold issue from childhood as they born with improper nasal structure e.g. deviated nasal septum.

Sometimes, chronic sinusitis lasts for 8-12 weeks due to infection or growth, and that is why it is necessary to consult endoscopic skull base surgeons in Ahmedabad. If they say you have chronic sinusitis, you may need to have sinus surgery. This procedure is clinically proven to be safe, effective and improve the quality of your life,

Risk Factors of Sinus Infections:

  • Swimming in polluted water exposes your sinuses to bacteria.
  • Several colds or bacterial infections.
  • Smoking thickens the tissues in your nose, which allows bacteria to grow.
  • Allergies.
  • Certain chronic illnesses.
  • Asthma and other reactive diseases.
  • Air pollution.

Surgery Options :

Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery: Endoscopic endonasal surgery is a minimally invasive technique that is used primarily to correct a brain defect and remove a tumour at the base of the skull.

FESS/ESS: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)/ Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) is a surgical treatment to clear sinuses from disease and is performed to remove nasal polyps and prevent mucus from getting trapped.

Balloon Sinuplasty: Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) is a trustworthy and effective procedure for many patients to relieve the discomfort and painful sinusitis symptoms which is a day care procedure for sinus problems.

Turbinate Reduction: Turbinate reduction is intended to improve nasal breathing and reduce the size and swelling of nasal drainage and nasal drops.


After surgery, recovery from sinus surgery depends on your health and the procedure you have. Overall, surgical management has significantly improved the quality of life in most patients.

Why you should choose us?

At Niyati ENT Hospital, we have a dynamic team of exceptional sinus endoscopic surgeons in Ahmedabad dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. We understand the importance of listening to our patients and understand their needs by diagnosing the root of problem and provide a proper solution through treatment. Moreover, we are the one who provides the latest innovation of 3 D Navigation Surgery to our patients for their safety & faster recovery which is recommended by American Academy of Otolaryngology

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